Easter is a wonderful time to treat someone special to a little Easter Chocolate Gift. We have a variety of Easter Eggs & Chocolate Hampers, from Novelty Chocolate Eggs to Spring Flowers and hampers filled with Fresh Fruit, Easter eggs, Irish Chocolates and award winning wines. We hope you agree that our range of Luxury Irish Chocolate Easter Eggs and hampers cover every budget. Our favourite Irish Chocolatiers Butlers Chocolate & Lily O Brien's Easter Eggs, all lovingley packed & completed with your own personal Easter message on our greeting cards. Make sure not to miss the Easter Bunny & order on time for next day delivery in Ireland

  • Incl. Tax: €5.00 (Excl. Tax: €4.07 )

    Cocoba Easter Egg Hot Chocolate Bombe 50g

    Discover a surprise in this milk chocolate Easter Egg. Put the egg in a mug and slowly pour steaming hot milk over it. Watch as the mini marshmallows hiding within the 100% Belgian milk chocolate egg 'hatch' out!

    Incl. Tax: €5.00 (Excl. Tax: €4.07 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €5.08 (Excl. Tax: €4.13 )

    Cocoba Mini Eggs Hot Chocolate Spoon ( In Stock Soon)

    We all know a few die hard chocolate fans - gift them one of these hot choc stirrers as a gift and they'll never want to use powdered cocoa again. ‘Simply stir into hot milk & enjoy the delicious chocolate mini eggs. Easter Ectasy ! 

    Incl. Tax: €5.08 (Excl. Tax: €4.13 )

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  • Incl. Tax: €6.10 (Excl. Tax: €4.96 )

    Happy Mallows Raspberry White Chocolate Marshmallows( In stock soon)

    Seductively Sumptuous! This Marshmallow’s aim is to bring a touch of sweet Romance to the Happy Mallows bunch. A little cloud of pretty pink pleasure. They're packed full of fresh glimmering raspberry jam and topped with gloriously creamy white chocolate indulgence. They are a true delicacy.

    Incl. Tax: €6.10 (Excl. Tax: €4.96 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €6.10 (Excl. Tax: €4.96 )

    Happy Mallows Lively Lemon Meringue Pie Marshmallows ( In Stock Soon)

    These little delicacies really are so good. With baked, sweet & zesty all uniting in one marshmallow we find them completely irresistible. 

    Happy marshmallows are all 100% handmade so therefore not all of the mallows contain visible streaks of lemon curd, however with Fresh Lemon Curd running through them there's no wonder they're so 'LIVELY'.

    Incl. Tax: €6.10 (Excl. Tax: €4.96 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €9.84 (Excl. Tax: €8.00 )

    Moo Free Dairy Free "Milk" Chocolate Bunnycomb Easter Egg with a Choccy Chum Bar

    Moo Free makes dairy free chocolate that tastes like real milk chocolate and this honey-free, "bunny-comb" egg will make your taste buds jump for joy!

    Each egg also includes a special little surprise inside - a Choccy Chum Surprise bar! Made from Moo Free’s delicious and creamy, dairy free and vegan, Rainforest Alliance/UTZ chocolate.

    Made in Moo Free’s factory, that do not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk, gluten or soya based products. So as well as being dairy free, this Easter Egg is also gluten-free, soya-free and 100% vegan.

    Incl. Tax: €9.84 (Excl. Tax: €8.00 )

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  • Incl. Tax: €10.00 (Excl. Tax: €8.13 )

    Easter Gourmet Marshmallow Bag

    Easter Drawstring Bag with Gourmet Marshmallows 150g

    The Cute Yellow Easter Bags can be used for the Easter Egg hunt after the yummy mallows are devoured.

    Incl. Tax: €10.00 (Excl. Tax: €8.13 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €10.16 (Excl. Tax: €8.26 )

    Butlers Irish Chocolate Oval Easter Egg Tin 200g

    This is a very cute Easter Chocolate Gift.

    Butlers are always coming up with new ways to make us chocoholics happy & this gift ticks all my boxes. A delicious assortment of 16 Mini Easter Eggs, filled with Caramel, Lemon Truffle & Praline. Now doesn't that just sound delicious?

    Incl. Tax: €10.16 (Excl. Tax: €8.26 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €10.16 (Excl. Tax: €8.26 )

    Butlers Large Assorted Chocolate Egg Stick 250g

    An assortment of 20 mini filled Chocolate Eggs in Milk , Dark & White Chocolate Varieties including Dark & Milk Truffle.

    Definitley one of our Easter favourites & sharing is not compulsory.

    Incl. Tax: €10.16 (Excl. Tax: €8.26 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €10.00 (Excl. Tax: €8.27 )

    House of Flavours Rainbow Bucket with Milk Chocolate Eggs

    This little bucket of Chocolate Eggs makes a great Easter gift.

    A wonderful idea to give to children instead of a large egg & perfect for the Easter Egg Hunt.


    Incl. Tax: €10.00 (Excl. Tax: €8.27 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €11.93 (Excl. Tax: €9.70 )

    Butlers Irish Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

    Wrapped in delicate purple, tied with a lavender bow, this Dark Chocolate Easter egg includes a selection of mini filled eggs...including caramel, dark truffle and vanilla truffle. 310g of Decadent Milk Chocolate. Yummy....



    Incl. Tax: €11.93 (Excl. Tax: €9.70 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €12.20 (Excl. Tax: €9.92 )

    Butlers Mini Bar Easter Egg 245g

    Butlers is ireland's premier family owned company dedicated to the craft of exceptional chocolate - making.

    This Egg is 40% Milk Chocolate with a selection of 7 chocolate mini bars. 

    Including Orange & Almond & Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel pieces 

    Incl. Tax: €12.20 (Excl. Tax: €9.92 )
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  • Incl. Tax: €12.50 (Excl. Tax: €10.16 )

    Butlers Dark Orange & Almond Easter Egg 235g

    Nutty and zesty dark chocolate Easter Egg with almonds and chewy orange pieces.

    This Butlers Egg is Vegan friendly & deliciously wicked !

    Incl. Tax: €12.50 (Excl. Tax: €10.16 )
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Hope Foundation
Hope Foundation


The Hope Foundation is an Irish charity which has been working with street children in Calcutta since 1999. Set up by Cork native Maureen Forrest


The Hope Foundation provides support to thousands of children each year through our education programmes alone. Poverty is overwhelming in Calcutta with approximately 250,000 children living, sleeping and working on the streets of the city. Approx 1.83 million children die each year in India before they reach their fifth birthday. Those who survive are forced to work over 12 hours a day begging on the streets for money or rummaging in rubbish dumps for food. At night their tiny bodies line Calcutta's busy streets where they face the very real risk of being abused, trafficked or forced into prostitution.


The Hope Foundation believes that education is the 'pathway of out poverty' and with YOUR help we can continue to support these children by providing materials so that they can have the opportunity to go to school.

€1 will provide two children with enough food for an entire week in one of HOPE's coaching centers

€5 will provide one child with a pair of school shoes so that he/she does not have to walk barefoot to school

€10 will provide one child with his/her entire school uniform for the entire school term

Your support is greatly appreciated by HOPE and the children whom we work with.

The Hope Foundation is very grateful for your donation. A Gift certificate  & information leaflet will be inserted into your Gift or Hamper which will inform your recipient that a donation to The Hope Foundation has been made on their behalf. We will email you in due course to thank you for your donation & once again many thanks for your generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Maureen's Signature


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