We all know how much Children love getting presents. Let us deliver to their front door & give them a gift worth getting excited about.Birthday Gifts, Holy Communion Gifts, Gifts from the new baby, there is always a reason to send a beautiful Childrens gift. 

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    Creative Kids Wooden Train Set - Baby Girl Gift

    This Wooden Train Set is a perfect gift for baby girls who like things that move. 
    With wooden rails that fit together and blocks that can be combined in different ways.

    The Creative Kids series encourages kids to be creative as well as develop motor skills

    Wood puzzle train in handcrafted wood finished in non toxic paint

    Pull along train engine with 3 carriages with separate wooden blocks

    Each carriage made up of pieces and blocks to separate and stack on the wooden pegs.

    Incl. Tax: €40.32 (Excl. Tax: €32.52 )
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    Bella & Boo Birthday Surprise Tea Set

    Belle & Boo are very excited! Today they are having a tea party and they would love you to come too. Invite your dollies and teddies and immerse yourself into the magical world of Belle & Boo.

    This enchanting melamimine tea set features the well loved characters Belle & Boo and their friends, created by Mandy Sutcliffe. Beautifully packaged in a reusable storage box, designed to look like Belle & Boo's Tea Shop.

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    Avoca Baby Bunting Blanket - Baby Gift

    This Baby Gift is super-soft thanks to a gorgeous Cashmere blend.

    Two lovely colourways, so that baby isn't just sleeping snug as a bug in a rug, but looking dreamy too.

    Woven in Avoca Village, Wicklow & a beautiful Baby Gift. with huggable Cashmere and Wool blend.

    5% cashmere 45% merino wool ,25 viscose, 25 % poliamide Measurements : 50" x 32" (125 cms x 80 cms).

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    Childrens Tuck Gift Box

    This Childrens gift box never fails to put a smile on any Child's. However we often find that the adults try to get in on the action and raid the tuck box ! 

    The "Are we there yet" book is filled with lots of fun games to help make the journey shorter .. even if its only the school run! 

    The Beano Cards are also full of fun and games for the entire family (yes Dad maybe allowed in on the action for this gift) 

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    Everyone's Favourite Hamper

    There is a reason we call this hamper Everyone’s favourite Hamper…

    I challenge you to find anything in this gift basket it that you wouldn’t enjoy. 

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    Jellycat Bashful Beige Extra Large Bunny

    Jellycats make the most original quirky, innovative soft animals in the world for newborns through to toddlers. The greatest care possible is taken to make sure that the animals are safe. They are suitable for all children age 0- 99 yrs ... and over! They make perfect Newborn Baby Gift or indeed a great gift for sibling so they wont feel left out with the New Arrival. Jellycats products become treasured friends that are rarely  parted with. 

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    Belinda Northcote Framed Watercolour “Sleeping Beauties”

    Belinda Northcote takes her inspiration from the perfect designs of nature, and her work is filled with flowers, birds, insects and butterflies. As she walks her three dogs through the countryside around her home on the southern coast of Ireland she collects flowers and insects that catch her eye. Back in her Ballycotton, Cork studio these flora and fauna are captured in exquisite detail in her beautiful range of watercolours and designs.
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    The Children’s Dream Gift Box

    This gift box of specialty sweet treats is guaranteed to make a Childs dreams come true. Adults are also allowed & it will bring back fond nostalgic memories of tastes gone by.

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    The Gourmet Breakfast Hamper

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So make it the tastiest. It’s easily done with our collection of delicious gourmet breakfast treats. 

    This Gourmet Breakfast Hamper is not only delicious but its also healthy ! 

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    Natures Purest Hug Me Bear & Bamboo Knitted Blanket- Baby Gift Set

    Natures Purest passionately believe in creating sensitive, natural baby products that will not irritate or harm newborn babies in any way. Bamboo is a natural product & is 4 times more absorbent than cotton. It is also naturally breathable & feels comfortable in both hot & cold weather conditions. It is incredibly soft against babies skin & is fully biodegradable. All Natures Purest baby products are made to the highest possible safety and quality standards. This Baby Gift has won Gold at the prestigious Baby & Pregnancy Awards.

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    Personalised Champagne & Jelly Cats Gift Box

    Personalise this Champagne & make it a Baby Gift to remember

    This Award Winning Champagne will be perfect to drink when Baby reaches the 21st Milestone .Jelly Cats are one of the most popular makers of Baby soft toys & this bunny will be treasured for life. 

    Incl. Tax: €90.00 (Excl. Tax: €73.17 )
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Childrens Gifts & Hampers
Hope Foundation
Hope Foundation


The Hope Foundation is an Irish charity which has been working with street children in Calcutta since 1999. Set up by Cork native Maureen Forrest


The Hope Foundation provides support to thousands of children each year through our education programmes alone. Poverty is overwhelming in Calcutta with approximately 250,000 children living, sleeping and working on the streets of the city. Approx 1.83 million children die each year in India before they reach their fifth birthday. Those who survive are forced to work over 12 hours a day begging on the streets for money or rummaging in rubbish dumps for food. At night their tiny bodies line Calcutta's busy streets where they face the very real risk of being abused, trafficked or forced into prostitution.


The Hope Foundation believes that education is the 'pathway of out poverty' and with YOUR help we can continue to support these children by providing materials so that they can have the opportunity to go to school.

€1 will provide two children with enough food for an entire week in one of HOPE's coaching centers

€5 will provide one child with a pair of school shoes so that he/she does not have to walk barefoot to school

€10 will provide one child with his/her entire school uniform for the entire school term

Your support is greatly appreciated by HOPE and the children whom we work with.

The Hope Foundation is very grateful for your donation. A Gift certificate  & information leaflet will be inserted into your Gift or Hamper which will inform your recipient that a donation to The Hope Foundation has been made on their behalf. We will email you in due course to thank you for your donation & once again many thanks for your generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Maureen's Signature


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