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House of Marbles Classic Bingo Game

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House of Marbles Classic Bingo Game

Family fun is so important during a crisis like the current coronavirus pandemic.

We’re bingo-bonkers over this classic game that everyone and their granny likes to play.

Yes, Bingo has become the new favourite game for all generations. 


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Incl. Tax: €11.18 (Excl. Tax: €9.09 )

A classic game for 2 – 12 players.

Each player takes a playing card. The numbered discs are tossed into the box base and stirred. Decide who is to be the ‘Bingo Caller’. The caller takes the numbered discs out of the box one by one calling out the numbers as they go and placing them on the checking chart. If a number called appears on your playing card cover it with one of the small cardboard squares provided. The first player to cover all of the numbers on their card is the winner and should shout ‘BINGO!’ in a loud, clear voice. A fun feature of Bingo down the ages has been the novel calls employed with each number such as ‘Legs Eleven!’ or ‘Knock at the Door, Number Four!’

 A full list of these terms has been included with this set.

 This contains 12 playing cards, one checking chart, 90 number discs. one ‘Bingo Calls’ chart and 180 cover cards.

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Delivery and Cost information

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