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Our Irish Food Hampers are ideal gifts for loved ones away from Home. A Gift Basket of nostalgic Irish foods always will bring back fond memories of home. Delivery of our  Irish Food Hampers to Australia in this catagory is already included in the price. Send somene you love in Australia a Christmas Hamper this season. What about surprising them for Saint Patricks Day with an Irish Hamper delivered downunder? 

Last order for Christmas 14th December, we will start delivering from January 4th 2015. 

  • Incl. Tax: €44.99 (Excl. Tax: €36.58)

    The Little Irish Gift Basket

    In the last few decades, Ireland’s artisan producers have given this country a reputation to be proud of.

    We have selected a few of our most popular Irish Food Producers in this Little Irish Gift Basket.

    Incl. Tax: €44.99 (Excl. Tax: €36.58)
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  • Incl. Tax: €65.00 (Excl. Tax: €65.00)

    The Irish Chocolate Lovers Dream (The Price Includes Delivery To Australia)

    This hamper may not have alll the things we miss when away from home, but it sure has many of them.

    A Hamper of nostalgic Irish Chocolates & Irish Tea that will bring back fondest memories of the taste of home. Deliver this Irish Hamper to friends or family in Australia this Christmas. 

    Incl. Tax: €65.00 (Excl. Tax: €65.00)
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  • Incl. Tax: €66.00 (Excl. Tax: €66.00)

    Just a little something to say-Gift Hamper (The Price Includes Delivery To Australia)

    Don't know what to get your Irish mate for Christmas? This hamper is the pefect treat to stave off homesickness. Filled with a selection of our top sellers & guaranteed to bring a smile to anyones face!!!

    We only ship this hamper to Australia & price includes shipping to Australia only.

    Incl. Tax: €66.00 (Excl. Tax: €66.00)
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  • Incl. Tax: €110.00 (Excl. Tax: €110.00)

    Down Under Gift Hamper - (The Price Includes Delivery To Australia)

    Satisfy cravings for a taste of Ireland for all your friends and family in Australia. Shipping for this Hamper to Australia is included in the price.

    Incl. Tax: €110.00 (Excl. Tax: €110.00)
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Irish Food Hampers To Australia
Hope Foundation
Hope Foundation


The Hope Foundation is an Irish charity which has been working with street children in Calcutta since 1999. Set up by Cork native Maureen Forrest


The Hope Foundation provides support to thousands of children each year through our education programmes alone. Poverty is overwhelming in Calcutta with approximately 250,000 children living, sleeping and working on the streets of the city. Approx 1.83 million children die each year in India before they reach their fifth birthday. Those who survive are forced to work over 12 hours a day begging on the streets for money or rummaging in rubbish dumps for food. At night their tiny bodies line Calcutta's busy streets where they face the very real risk of being abused, trafficked or forced into prostitution.


The Hope Foundation believes that education is the 'pathway of out poverty' and with YOUR help we can continue to support these children by providing materials so that they can have the opportunity to go to school.

€1 will provide two children with enough food for an entire week in one of HOPE's coaching centers

€5 will provide one child with a pair of school shoes so that he/she does not have to walk barefoot to school

€10 will provide one child with his/her entire school uniform for the entire school term

Your support is greatly appreciated by HOPE and the children whom we work with.

The Hope Foundation is very grateful for your donation. A Gift certificate  & information leaflet will be inserted into your Gift or Hamper which will inform your recipient that a donation to The Hope Foundation has been made on their behalf. We will email you in due course to thank you for your donation & once again many thanks for your generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Maureen's Signature


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