When we are looking for a gift, we often struggle to find something special and unique, a token that will be cherished for years to come. This is where gift collections shine, offering an abundance of options that cater to most tastes and style preferences.

Here at Hampers & Co, we love having Irish designer ranges available to our lovely customers, so that you can grow your recipients’ collection with them (or, indeed for them!)

 Among the most enchanting and renowned gift collections in Ireland, are the quirky Eoin O'Connor designs, along with the fresh and homely Shannonbridge Pottery range.

We are also proud to stock Galway Crystal, and Tipperary Crystal giftware, from glasses to kitchenware, soft furnishings and unique accessories including the exquisite Birdy range.

Another favourite of ours, is the Avoca brand, with gifts for all ages and tastes!


Why do we love our collections?

  1. Timeless Artistry and Craftsmanship:

 Eoin O'Connor's captivating artworks, Shannonbridge Pottery's hand-painted ceramics, Galway Crystal's intricate glass creations, Beleek's delicate porcelain, and Tipperary Crystal's elegant designs are all products of skillful artists who pour their heart and soul into their work. These items are not just gifts; they are pieces of art that carry a timeless charm, telling a story of tradition, Irishness and dedication to craft.

  1. Unique and Thoughtful Gestures:

Gift collections offer an extensive range of options, making it easier to find a gift that resonates with the recipient's personality and interests.

  1. Unforgettable Keepsakes:

The items from these gift collections are not fleeting, mass-produced trinkets. Instead, they are enduring keepsakes that stand the test of time. Whether it's a beautiful vase, a finely detailed crystal piece, or hand-painted pottery, these gifts have the potential to become cherished family heirlooms, evoking memories of special moments and the people who shared them.


  1. Enhancing Home Decor:

The gift collections include a diverse range of products that can elevate any home's interior decor. From decorative pieces to functional kitchenware and tableware, these items bring a touch of elegance and artistry to living spaces. Not only do they add beauty to the surroundings, but they also serve as conversation starters, allowing hosts to share the stories behind their unique pieces.

So, why not give the gift of a new collection piece next time you are looking for a present! These collections not only showcase remarkable craftsmanship and artistry but also reflect thoughtfulness and consideration for their tastes and interests – they are a truly special gift that stands the test of time.

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