Our Sustainability Commitment

Here at Hampers & Co we aim to provide an exceptional experience at no expense to our planet. ๐ŸŒ

Our Eco corn starch is 100% biodegradable, odourless and dust-free. It can be washed down the drain easily under a running tap - or if you have a green thumb - the filling can be used as compost. ๐ŸŒผ

We source our products and packaging from suppliers that share the same values as us. All our suppliers are working towards more ways to deliver and package products sustainably. This means our hampers are always up to date with the most eco-friendly produce be it less plastic or no palm oil.

Eco-friendly packaging doesnโ€™t always have to be brown and boring. All our keepsake gift boxes are made from 100% recycled cotton. Who said sustainability canโ€™t be stylish?ย 

We love that our customers can reuse our beautiful gift boxes for home storage, re-loved gift packaging and so much more!