Spring has arrived and for us Irish we have a variety of holidays coming up to celebrate, one being Mother’s Day!

The history of Mother's Day in Ireland can be traced back to medieval times where working children and young people were allowed a day off for the celebration of a special Mother’s Day mass. This mass was celebrated in the local Church & flowers would be gathered on their journey to Church to gift all mothers.

Much of the tradition has continued with Mother’s Day now celebrated with beautiful gifts and held as a special day for Mothers across Ireland.

Irish Mammy’s are known to be very caring and never want a big deal made for them, but we all know they most definitely deserve it. The question is, what do you get the Irish mammy who never wants a fuss made of her ?

Ideally the day should involve spending quality time and pampering the mammy. That’s why the feeling beautiful pamper gift is a wonderful gift to encourage the “some woman for one woman” to take some time for herself.

Food is also an important part of how Irish mammy’s show love. There is no bigger fuss and occasion than afternoon tea! Why not reciprocate your mums love with the sweet treats gift box, perfectly sourced with delicious Irish confections. The perfect sweet treat for the perfect sweet mammy.

After a day of excitement and celebration what better way to relax than with a good book or her favourite show. For those who can’t be with their mum perhaps send a Hug in a Mug or the warm embrace of an Avoca throw.

We hope you find the perfect gift for your wonderful Mum.

‘Mums are like buttons; they hold everything together “


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