We're 30 years a-growing, in parallel with the Irish Artisan Food Scene!


IRELAND’S burgeoning gastronomic reputation is due, in no small part, to its legion of artisan food producers, craft brewers, confectioners and distillers.  From cheese to charcuterie and butter to biscuits, there are many foods we make exceptionally well in Ireland.

In the past (pre-covid!), visitors came to Ireland for the scenery and warm welcome, but an artisan food renaissance has been gathering momentum since we started our Food Hamper business 30 years ago.

What all travellers will now discover is, the exciting food and beverage revolution redefining, yet complementing, Irish cuisine and that is at the core of our hampers.

In the culinary world, the Irish have been hand making their food for centuries, but the modern Irish artisan movement is relatively new.  A new generation of creative and entrepreneurial people have reconnected with Irish ingredients and put their hands and minds to making their bounty unique. And this is the crux of the Irish culinary renaissance; embracing local ingredients. The result is that many of the fresh artisan businesses are still small, family-owned and run, often on a farm, like The Foods of Athenry in Galway, all combining their ideas with uncompromising attention to quality.

We adore our suppliers because of their passion and traditions, using hand-done techniques, mostly in batch sizes, which encompasses flavour and the integrity of each producer.

You can truly call Irish artisan food a personal art. And our Hampers reflect that.

Hampers & Co have been a noted advocate for the Irish artisanal food movement over the last three decades, not only supporting our iconic food producers like Butlers Chocolates and Ballymaloe Relish, but always backing exciting new food creators, like Seymour’s luxury handmade biscuits in Cork, Rívesci Cashew Chilli Crush in Tipperary and Miena’s Irish Handmade Nougat.

Always packed with delicious and delightful Irish Artisan produce, a Hampers & Co hamper is laden with these extraordinary delights – from tipples and jars to hand-baked nibbles, biscuits and our favourite confectionery. Our Irish Food Hampers boast a decadent selection of fruit cakes, chocolates, nuts, teas, coffees, crisps, olives, and so much more from delectable preserves to creamy cheeses, all made with love in Ireland, thanks to our culinary artisans.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect food gift for that special someone… our mouth-watering selection of delicious Irish Gourmet Food Hampers come in all shapes, sizes and prices and for every possible person you know.

Shop our treasure chests of deliciousness, always packed with glorious things to eat, drink, and enjoy. Choose your Irish Artisan Hamper from Hampers & Co and your recipient will reveal an assortment of the finest Irish sweet and savoury gourmet treats curated by us.

In the meanwhile, just like the last 30 years, we will continue to source, support and champion Irish artisan food that is unique and made with a distinctive taste and flavour, in-keeping with its own personality.

XOXO Hampers & Co


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