In this fast-moving world, full of distractions and ‘the next best thing’, there is less and less loyalty to companies, brands, business partners and suppliers.

To maintain any relationship, whether personal or professional, its needs to be nurtured. You need to show that you appreciate them, value their contribution, and want to strengthen your rapport.

Do you remember how you felt the last time you received a personal and thoughtful gift? Did you smile? Did you call to say thank you? If you answered ‘Yes’, then imagine how great you can make your clients and employees feel?

Sending a gift to a business partner/ client is an essential networking opportunity – celebrate an achievement or new milestone in your working relationship; or re-build your association after a bump in the road….  Goodwill is invaluable!

Introduce your company to a new client with a gift, stay ‘top of mind’ and stand out against your competitors! Build it into your sales cycle of getting to  ‘Know You – Like You – Trust You!

With both employee and client gifting, you are demonstrating:

  • Who you are as a company
  • How much you value them

At Hampers & Co, we can bring your good wishes to those who mean the world to your business…

  • Choose a beautiful gift – their favourite tipple, gourmet treats, pamper gifts, personalised branded merchandise…
  • Add a special message that is personal to them, and it will be enclosed within for them.
  • Include your branding to make it extra-special and bespoke to you!
  • Have it sent to their home or business address on the date of your choosing!

Get in touch on and we will help you connect in the best way possible – by making their day!



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