Delivery costs & information



Q: How much is my Hamper to deliver?
A: Delivery of all gifts & Hampers anywhere within Ireland including Northern Ireland is €7.95. Delivery outside Ireland will differ depending on the country & the weight. You can calculate the shipping charges on each product by selecting the country you need to send the gift in the drop down tab.

Q: Do I pay two shipping charges for two gifts to the same address?

A: Some of the hampers are too large to be packed in one outer and therefore have to be shipped as separate items.  However some gifts are small enough to pack 5 in the one outer and therefore will only incur one shipping charge. 

Q: Where can I ship my Gift to?
A: We deliver all over the world, however some countries have restrictions on alcohol & you may not be able to select these countries in the drop down menu.Some countries such as Norway & South Africa will not allow gifts to be shipped. 

Q: How long will it take for my gift to get there?
A: We can deliver your gifts next day anywhere in Ireland if your order is placed before 11am Monday to Friday. For the UK it takes two working days & most EU countries 4-5 workings days. During the busy Christmas period we advise a 3 working day turnaround on Irish destinations & a minimum of 5 working days for outside Ireland.

Q: Can I track my gift or hamper?
A: Yes our selected courier company will email you the tracking number for your gift or hamper once it has left our warehouse.

Q: I can’t find the country I need to send my hamper to in the drop down menu.
A: This is probably because the country you have selected will not allow alcohol or has other restrictions on imported food items.If you want us to check your country send us an email.

Q: When is the last dates for ordering my Christmas Hampers & Gifts?
A: Ireland & Northern Ireland is December 20th Within the European Union is  28th November  Outside of the European Union is 28th November (If you really have to order after these dates it might be too late for delivery in the peak period leading up to Christmas, call us on 01-851-1098).

Q: How will the person I am sending my gift to know who it is from?
A: We will include a greeting card with your hamper or gift. Make sure to enter your personal message in the message box when checking out. Don't worry we never send receipts or invoices with any of our gifts. 

Q : Will the recipient know how much I paid for their gift? 

A:  Don't worry we never send receipts or invoices with any of our gifts. 

Q: Why do you need a telephone number for the recipient?
A: The courier likes to ring or text ahead to make sure there is someone home. Deliveries of gifts & hampers cannot be guaranteed without a contact number.

Q: What happens if there is no one home or I need to cancel my order?
A: The courier will leave a calling card which will notify the recipient of their gift delivery. The recipient will then contact the courier to arrange a suitable delivery time.Cancellation of hampers is allowed, however if the hamper has already left our warehouse, there is a 25% value of hamper handling charge. Refunds are only then issued when the hamper is returned to our warehouse.  

Q: Can I choose when I have my Hampers & gifts delivered?
A: Certainly, you can order now and select your "Required delivery date". We do all the planning to make sure your items get delivered on your selected dates. Deliveries are scheduled Monday to Friday in regular business hours 9am to 5pm. We cannot provide timed deliveries as we use independent courier companies. If your premises for any reason are not open during these hours, e.g. close for lunch, close early etc, then please inform the sales team when ordering to assist our couriers as much as possible.For the busy month of December we cannot give exact dates & gift may arrive a day before or up to three days after the requested date.

Q: Can you deliver on Saturday, Sunday or in the evenings?
A: Sorry! Not at present, we are currently negotiating these extended delivery services in the larger city areas, but it will be sometime before this is confirmed. Some exceptions might apply but a particular delivery will have to be discussed and clarified with the Sales team.

Q: What are the Delivery Charges likely to be for delivery in Ireland for multiple items to one address?
A: Delivery of multiple Hampers or Gift Boxes to one nominated location (more than 5 items) would be organized to go on a carton or pallet delivery. We will confirm the delivery charges with you at the time of placing your Order. Remember of course that if your Order value is over €1500 (net order value, excluding VAT), then your delivery to one address is Free of charge within ROI 

Q: What happens if my recipients address details are incorrect?
A: If the package has already left the warehouse and is subsequently returned to Hampers & Co, we will contact you, to inform you that the item has been returned and the reasons why. At that point you can decide if you would like to resend the item in question, with revised delivery information. We have the right to charge for delivery & handling costs of up to 25% value of the order, when we ship to incorrect addresses. 

Q: What happens if something arrives broken?
A: If you can obviously identify an item as damaged upon arrival, DO NOT, sign the delivery docket to accept the delivery. It is important that you don't sign for damaged goods as this could potentially release the delivery company from any related responsibility. Call the office 01-851-1098 as soon as the item arrives at your premises to report the details. We will resolve the difficulty as soon as we possibly can.

 Q: What happens if something arrives broken and we only find it after it is delivered?
A: Notify us by email or phone call ideally within 24 hours of receiving the Gift items. We will resolve the difficulty as soon as we possibly can.