Delivery Information

Q: How much is my Hamper to deliver?
A:  Delivery of all gifts & Hampers anywhere within Ireland including Northern Ireland is €7.75.  Delivery outside Ireland will differ depending on the country & the weight.  You can see the shipping charge by country on list below.

Q: Do I pay two shipping charges for two gifts to the same address.

A:  Some of the hampers are too large to be packed in one outer and therefore have to be shipped as separate items.  However, some gifts are small enough to pack 5 in the one outer and therefore will only incur one shipping charge. 

Q: Where can I ship my gift to?
A: We deliver all over the world, however some countries have restrictions on alcohol & you may not be able to select these countries to ship to.  Some countries such as Norway & South Africa will not allow gifts to be shipped. 

Shipping charges by country

Ireland €7.75/shipment

Northern Ireland €7.75/shipment

UK; England, Scotland, Wales.  Only selected hampers shipped to UK, shipping included in price – see the selection here.


  • Austria €28.29/shipment
  • Belgium €28.29/shipment
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina €77.49/shipment
  • Bulgaria €172.50/shipment
  • Croatia €77.49/shipment
  • Cyprus €209.10/shipment
  • Czech Republic €28.29/shipment
  • Denmark €28.29/shipment
  • Estonia €38.13/shipment
  • Finland €46.74/shipment
  • France €28.29/shipment
  • Germany €28.29/shipment
  • Greece €123.00/shipment
  • Hungary €38.13/shipment
  • Iceland €172.20/shipment
  • Italy €38.13/shipment
  • Latvia €38.13/shipment
  • Liechtenstein €77.49/shipment
  • Lithuania €38.13/shipment
  • Luxembourg €28.29/shipment
  • Malta €123.00/shipment
  • Netherlands €28.29/shipment
  • Poland €28.29/shipment
  • Portugal €46.74/shipment
  • Romania €172.20/shipment
  • Serbia & Montenegro €77.49/shipment
  • Slovakia €38.13/shipment
  • Slovenia €38.13/shipment
  • Spain €38.13/shipment
  • Sweden €38.13/shipment
  • Switzerland €77.49/shipment -no alcohol allowed


  • Canada €104.55/shipment -no alcohol allowed
  • United States €104.55/shipment -no alcohol allowed


  • Australia €104.55/shipment -no alcohol allowed
  • China €172.20/shipment -no alcohol allowed
  • Hong Kong €123.00/shipment
  • Japan €172.20/shipment -no alcohol allowed
  • Korea €172.20/shipment -no alcohol allowed
  • Malaysia €123.00/shipment
  • New Zealand €104.55/shipment -no alcohol allowed
  • Singapore €123.00/shipment
  • Vietnam €123/shipment

Middle East & North Africa:

  • Tunisia €209.10/shipment
  • Turkey €209.10/shipment
  • United Arab Emirates €172.20/shipment -no alcohol allowed


For full delivery information, please click here.