Its not really a celebration until the pop of the Champagne cork!

Synonymous with excitement and special occasions, a bottle of champagne is the classic gift to mark the end of a long year, and the beginning of a new year of hope, happiness, and prosperity.

A gift of a ‘bottle of bubbly’ will give the perfect impression - stylish and elegant, optimistic, fun, and thoughtful. It couldn’t be better!

It is thought that Champagne was invented by the Benedictine monk Dom Perignon himself. Back then, bubbles were thought to ruin wine — not elevate it. He decided to try a batch of this ‘ruined wine’ but found the taste surprisingly delightful.

"Come quick!" the legend says Perignon shouted. "I am drinking the stars!' Champagne was born.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with Champagne and sparkling wine - leaving us to wonder where to begin finding the right options!

True Champagne must come from the Champagne region in Northeast France. Although sparkling wine is produced worldwide, only those produced in the Champagne region can legally use the name and be deemed authentic.








But there are lots of extremely high-quality sparkling wine and indeed Prosecco options on the market also. It is a matter of personal choice, taste preference, and of course, budget!

Tip: to truly enjoy the bouquet and flavour of champagne or sparkling wine, experts recommend that it is not too chilled. Ice cold tipples taste bland and just ‘cold’.

Here, at Hampers & Co, we have done the hard work for you, carefully selecting the perfect Champagne gifts, delivered! Show them how special they are with the gift of champagne for New Years!

Whichever Champagne you choose, we hope you enjoy the celebrations and are surrounded by the people you love… whatever the reason, whatever the season!


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