February, to many, is the start of Spring – there are rumblings of longer days and buds on the trees.
Its also the season of celebrating those you care about – Valentines’ Day!
This can mean copious eye-rolling from many, or excited clapping from others!
Either way, it doesn’t need to involve a last-minute call to the garage on the way home from work on 14th February.
You also don’t have to spend an evening in an over-crowded restaurant trying to gaze into each other’s eyes (through gaudy table decorations!) – eating from an over-priced and under-whelming set menu!
At Hampers & Co., we have so many exquisite gifts for choose from – from wine and chocolates, prosecco or champagne gifts, to beautiful pamper presents and deluxe Movie Nights-In hampers!
We will think outside the box for you, so you get all the credit!
Remember, everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift – not just the girls! 
 Gifts for Men, Valentines gifts for men  
 The Dude Gift Box! or .....Bubbles in the Bath Gift Bag!
 I Heart You Gift Box!  and   Retro Sweets Gift Box!
Let Valentines Day become an experience!
Go on a bike ride in the country and bring a picnic!
Try one of ours – all packed and ready to go!
Valentine’s Romantic Picnic Basket!
Stay in and have a family movie or games night! It’s day to spread love and happiness without hassle and stress!
We have your back! Here are a few non moneybox-breaking options for you for Valentines celebrations:
Have breakfast in bed!
Cook pizza at home together!
Make a chocolate fondue – warm melted chocolate in a pot with skewers at the ready to chose from bowls of strawberries, apples, marshmallows, or anything else you like!
Have a little dance.
Go on a long walk or hike in the countryside
Go camping – in the garden – roast marshmallows on the campfire – don’t worry about the neighbours – they are only jealous!
Have a karaoke night!
However you wish to celebrate the day – don’t let the pressure get to you!
Have fun!
…. And remember, we can do all the work for you if you want some help!

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