It’s January! The decorations are finally packed away and the house is starting to look normal again. You have thrown away or recycled all the wrapping paper and packaging but, some of the gift boxes you received are quite pretty; what could you do with them?

At Hampers & Co., we make responsible choices when it comes to sourcing our packaging - choosing presentation boxes and baskets that are beautifully created, using natural materials, such as cotton, recycled cardboard, leather, and wicker, that are sturdy and last the test of time!
When you give a Hampers & Co hamper, you are giving two gifts in one – the goodies, and a beautiful box or basket to use again and again!

So, here are some of our top ideas for re using and re purposing giftboxes and presentation baskets….

Create a designer tissue box

A simple way to reuse old gift boxes is to make them a tissue box. Punch out a small piece of cardboard from the middle and store the tissues easily in your new tissue box.

As a gift box – again!

No need to wrap awkwardly shaped gifts again – use a gift box!
We don’t brand our boxes, so that you can re-use for your own gifting to friends and family… don’t spend time trying to wrap off-shaped gifts; place them in your gift box and it will be extra special – and safe, in our sturdy re-usable packaging!

Simply Storage!

A gift box of any size can be used to store stuff! Whether it’s big or small, it can help you organise sewing kits, stationery, first aid kits, socks, or toys. It can also be used as a special keepsake for baby or wedding memories and photos.

With the addition of some plastic inserts from the local discount shop, to separate the inside of the box into sections, you have the perfect storage for makeup and hair accessories, jewellery or even your speciality teas!

Wicker baskets:

We just love a pretty wicker basket – use it again and again as a good old-fashioned picnic basket for family days out or a special date with your love!

For organisation

…at home
Use a large wicker basket with a lid as a holder for your mags and papers – when the lid is down, it can double up as a handy side table in the living room!
…on the go!
Keep everything in one place in the boot of the car – blankets and pillows for the kids, snack supplies, water, umbrellas, first aid essentials, your car shoes (admit it – you have car shoes!) – all neat and tidy – and not rolling around!

For towels and toiletries

Create a welcoming ‘hotel inspired’ feel in the guest room, with a wicker basket, containing neatly folded towels, flannels, and toiletries, or in the bathroom for towels or toilet rolls!

For plants

Why not use your wicker basket to hold some potted plants?
This will work fantastically well in your conservatory, living room or kitchen, if you have lots or natural light!

The list of possibilities is endless and can be a creative as you are! Utilise your brand-new storage and tidy options, bringing a touch of designer chic to your home with some simple (and free) touches! Happy Organising!

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